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Mallard Creek Interceptor Improvements, Charlotte, NC

Mallard Creek Interceptor Improvements, Charlotte, NC

Project Details

The Mallard Creek Basin service area consists mainly of residential zoning, with increasing commercial development around the new Blue Line Extension, UNC Charlotte, and the University Research Park. Infrastructure improvements were needed, not only to support current flows and maintain required service levels within the Mallard Creek Basin, but also to keep pace with the rapid growth and development.

Hydraulic modeling conducted for the Mallard Creek Basin indicated that the Mallard Creek interceptor was capacity limited under two-year peak flow conditions. Future population and flow projections further suggested that flows in the basin would likely grow about 20 percent every 10 years. Per Charlotte Water’s Capacity Assurance Program (CAP), for the purposes of accepting new connections, adequate capacity exists when the sanitary sewer system can convey flows at a 2-year Level of Service (LOS) between the point of connection and the wastewater treatment plant without excessive surcharge, while future enhancements are sized for the 10-year peak flow condition.

Improvements needed to maintain the desired level of service were sized for the 10-year peak flow condition with the 2070 population (based on Charlotte Planning Department Future Land Use), 10-year wet-weather peak flow recurrence, no additional inflow and infiltration above the base year (2016), and with an allowable modeled surcharge of no more than one quarter manhole depth. These improvements are scheduled to take place in three phases, starting from the Mallard Creek Water Reclamation Facility.

To minimize public disruption, the City of Charlotte has engaged RH Price to construct the Cross Charlotte Trail Segments 10 and 11 in conjunction with the Mallard Creek Interceptor. The projects have overlapping corridors, and this collaboration between Charlotte Water and the City of Charlotte will reduce the overall construction duration and eliminate duplicate costs.

Work Detail

Phase 1:

Wastewater Installation:

  • 16,655 LF of 66in – 72in diameter Interceptor Sewer and 36 Fiberglass Reinforced Tee Base Manholes
  • 4,377 LF of 24in – 54in diameter Outfall Sewer and 24 manholes
  • 3,444 LF of 8in – 18in diameter Collection Sewer and 20 manholes
  • Also included were 21 connections to the existing collection system, bypass pumping, and 7 Mallard Creek under crossings.

The Cross Charlotte Trail Segments 10 and 11 include:

  • 9100 LF of 12ft wide paved greenway trail
  • 240 LF of elevated boardwalk
  • 3 pedestrian bridges over Mallard Creek

Phase 2:

Wastewater Installation – TBD

Phase 3:

Wastewater Installation – TBD

Project Info