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Northeast Water Main Replacement Project, Charlotte, NC

Northeast Water Main Replacement Project, Charlotte, NC

Project Details

The water mains in the neighborhoods identified in Charlotte Water’s Zone 2 had a high likelihood of failure. RH Price prepared to immediately initiate work on this project so that the residents in Zone 2 were able to continue to rely on Charlotte Water to deliver – each time they turned on their tap.

The Hidden Valley, Hampshire Hills, Shannon Park, and the additional nine surrounding communities impacted by this project in Zone 2 of Northeast Charlotte are heavily residential. Replacing waterlines in neighborhoods requires a team of qualified designers, construction crews, and a comprehensive customer outreach approach. Outreach was vital for a successful project as water service will be affected, ingress/egress to homes will be affected, properties will be denuded and restored, and the streets will see an increased traffic volume. Our team dovetails outreach with experienced field superintendents who prioritize day-to-day on-site customer service needs.

Moreover, Charlotte Water makes it a priority to identify and replace water mains that have a high probability of failure. Portions of CLTWater’s Zone 2 were undergoing quality upgrades that increased capacity and pressure for customers. This increased pressure created added potential for the older, more vulnerable pipes to fail. RH Price needed to quickly and efficiently replace these vulnerable pipes while reducing public impact.

Work Detail

63,457 LF of waterline installation and abandonment, divided into 12 projects/plan sets.

These projects spanned from 3,000 LF to 10,000 LF of waterline replacement, providing efficient geographical succession.

Project Duration


  • 12-week initial design period to get Construction started.
  • The full design was completed in 14 months, including survey, site visits, peer review, municipal review, and addressing redlines, encroachments, and permits.

Waterline Installation:

  • 77 Weeks
  • 3 crews in 12 communities

Project Info