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Ramah Creek Sewer Interceptor, Charlotte, NC

Client: Charlotte Water
Contract Value: $7 million
Completed: October 2016 – Approximately 5 months ahead of schedule despite excessive rock quantities.
Scope of Work:

The project is located along Ramah Creek in Mecklenburg County. Generally, the project runs along and adjacent to Ramah Creek from a connection point just downstream from Huntersville-Concord Road to a termination point at Sam Furr Road/NC 73. The project was necessary because of growth and future development in the project corridor and Huntersville. All of the work of this Contract is located within NCDOT rights of way and easements owned by Charlotte Water or The City of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The work consisted of approximately 7,061 lineal feet of 30”, 10,365 lineal feet of 24”, and 9,471 lineal feet of 18” sanitary sewer outfall; 541 lineal feet of 48” tunnel; 67 manholes; connections to existing sewer line structure; erosion and sediment control; site cleanup, fertilizing, seeding, and mulching; and testing and miscellaneous work.