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Toby Creek, Charlotte, NC

Project Details

As an extension of the greater Mallard Creek Basin service area in the UNC Charlotte region, the decision was made to upgrade the Toby Creek wastewater pipe infrastructure alongside the main Mallard Creek project and stay ahead of steadily increased development.

A new light rail system has been spurring on both residential and commercial development quicker than previous growth rates, and future projections indicated the Toby Creek wastewater conveyance would soon become inadequate for expected populations. Rather than risk interruptions and/or unnecessary expenses in wastewater service in years to come, the Toby Creek portion of the system was evaluated for capacity limitations by observed surcharge/ manhole inspections, as well as recent flow monitoring. In addition to confirming capacity limitation, the flow monitoring conducted showed areas in the basin with high rates of inflow and infiltration.

Rehabilitation of sewers with significant defects was anticipated, with the aim of reducing excessive wet-weather system flows in order to restore additional sewer capacity.

Extensive coordination with UNCC was required since a significant portion of Toby Creek flows through the center of campus.

Project Duration


  • 14 Months for Phase 1
  • 16 Months for Phases 2 and 3


  • 15 Months for Phase 1
  • TBD for Phases 2 and 3

Scope of Work:

  • 14,137 LF of 30in – 42in diameter outfall sewer pipe and manhole installation
  • 1,790 LF of 48in – 66in diameter tunnels
  • 24in and 42in aerial stream crossings, bypass pumping
  • 17 connections to the existing wastewater collection system
  • Associated erosion control and restoration, including repair and resodding of UNCC ball fields.