For more than 30 years, RH Price has been the professional construction and service team governments and utility companies trust.

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Family Owned Local Business — Since 1987​

This is in reference to RH Price’s performance on projects pertaining to Charlotte Water’s Engineering Design and Construction (D&C) division.

RH Price is a critical component to D&C’s success. Our abilities would be severely diminished should we not have access to RH Price as a contractor, and we are thankful for their continued success in winning our low-bid construction contracts. When we are under pressure, RH Price is there to deliver in a high quality and timely manner; when we have a difficult challenge that no one else seems capable of solving, RH Price are able to work closely with our staff and build it. RH Price is dependable and responsive where we often seek their guidance in advance as integral members of our team to deliver high quality products to our customers.

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Marcus J. King, PE, MBA

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Stephen Price on a number of projects in the past and most recently at the South Tryon Street water main replacement project. The scope of work for this project involved work in multiple streets and with multiple businesses, including work in the state-maintained roadway. Stephen was onsite daily and exceptionally accommodating when dealing with unforeseen conditions and potential change orders. Compared to other contractors they get the job done and done right. The project had no complaints, was completed on time, and done safely. RH Price operates with an overarching spirit of personal responsibility. They take pride in the work they do, which means they take ownership of the decisions that are made on each and every step of a project.

RH Price has illustrated their attention to detail, quality, and safety on a number of occasions. There is no project I wouldn’t want them on. Please consider RH Price for your construction service needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them on future projects.

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Alex Tettmar

I have had the opportunity to observe the RH Price organization since 1987. First as a construction inspector for a consulting engineer contracted to CMUD, and beginning in 1995 as a full time inspector for CMUD. They have consistently provided high quality work in all areas of water & sewer for Charlotte Water.

RH Price has always provided great insight in value engineering and ease of construction for projects that they have been assigned. A valuable intangible quality I have observed with this organization is how they consistently produce a quality finished product with the least amount of collateral damage to the physical community they are working in, while striving to maintain good public relations with the residents.

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Steve Swann

The updates are especially needed when a good bit of us don’t have the flexibility for regular site visits. Thanks for the great communication efforts.

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Irene Teshamulwa Okioga, PhD, PE, LEED AP, ENV SP

RH Price is providing top notch work on the South Blvd Water Main Design-Build Project.

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Bill Greentaner

Working with RH Price is always a great experience. In addition to delivering quality work, their openness to communicate and share ideas makes managing projects easier.

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Matt Bedford

RH Price has been a preferred pipeline contractor for the 23 years I have worked at Charlotte Water. This is why they have been selected for three of Charlotte Water’s current Progressive Design-Build projects. Two of these are very visible projects as one crosses right through the heart of the UNCC campus and the other is right down the middle of a major thoroughfare parallel to the Charlotte Blue Line transit line.

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Chuck Bliss, PE

To date, RHPrice has been a good partner in preparation for the South Blvd Water Main. The complexity of this project is not to be understated and RHPrice was selected because of their ability to adapt and work through future problems.

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Will Rice

James Lyon, I’m not associated with your project, and I haven’t met you but would like to say I really appreciate your level of communication and the diplomacy of your emails-I could take a lesson from you.


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Jeff Davis