For more than 30 years, R.H. Price has been the professional construction and service team governments and utility companies trust.

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Making Municipal Utilities Stronger, Safer, and More Resilient

All across the country, towns and cities are facing challenges of age and expansion. Older drinking water and wastewater systems are reaching the end of their serviceable life as cast iron, clay, and galvanized steel deteriorate over the years. At the same time, original utility infrastructure is proving insufficient as it strains to keep up with new residential and business development.

Water & WASTEWATER Construction Services

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Drinking Water & Wastewater Infrastructure

sewer pipes

Jack & Boring

workers pouring asphalt near the train station

Directional Drilling

workers cleaning a sewer with a vacuum

Tunneling, Microtunneling & Hand Mining

construction site and an excavator

Preliminary Design Modeling

water pipes laid on the ground

Design-Build Installations

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Underground Utilities of All Types

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Expansion Projects

excavator ready for digging between tow houses

Retrofitting Solutions

repairing an underground sewer pipe

Planning and Permitting

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Circumnavigate Natural Gas Infrastructure

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Electrical Infrastructure

underground blue pipes

Constructability Review

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Environmental Impact Assessment

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Right-of-Way and Easement Recommendations

architects working on a construction plan map

Project Budgeting and Scheduling

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Construction and Project Management

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Cost Control Measures

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Sourcing and Supply Solutions

construction workers working at night to put an underground pipe


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R.H. Price has extensive experience in rehabilitating existing drinking water and wastewater lines in all kinds of environments – from high-density urban areas to remote, rural locations, to suburban neighborhoods, new developments, and everywhere in between.

We’ve worked with pipes as small as 2 inch supply lines to those as large as 64-inch drainage conduits, on project sizes ranging from a few hundred feet to nearly 4 miles, all with the same focus on quality, timing, and, value.

Whether your project requires a full removal and replacement of existing lines, expansion of service, upgrades to obsolete materials, or something else – our fully licensed and highly trained team has the expertise to deliver the results your citizens and residents expect.

R.H. Price Inc. holds an unlimited/unclassified North Carolina Contractor’s License.